Unisus School

How Do I Keep Track Of My Application?

After you’ve submitted your initial application to Unisus, you can keep track of your admissions status by logging into your account on Open Apply. This platform will be used to submit documents and communicate with admissions staff, as you go through the admissions process.

Keep Track of application Status and Upcoming Events on the Dashboard

Once logged in, you can track your current application status on the Dashboard. You can also review any upcoming interviews or deadlines.

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Discover Items That Need To Be Completed On The Application Checklist

Any outstanding items that are required for your application will appear on the Application Checklist that can be found when clicking the Student Details section in the column on the left.

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Review Messages and Important Notifications

Important messages and notifications sent by our Admissions Staff can be reviewed in the Alerts & Notifications tab. These messages are also sent to the Email address connected to your account.

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Have any Questions? Send Us a Message

If you have any questions regarding your application, you can contact our admissions team via the built-in Messages feature. You can also contact our Admissions Coordinator via Email at danielle.timmer@unisus.ca

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If you have any questions regarding the application process or using Open Apply, please feel free to contact us at info@unisus.ca.

What is Tuition at Unisus School?

Tuition at Unisus School can depend on a variety of factors. The primary considerations are: Grade Level and Optional Boarding Requirements for Grades 8 - 12. Pricing breakdowns are included below.




Kindergarten to Grade 7

Grade 8 - 12



Local Day Boarding Students


North American Boarding Students

International Boarding Students

Have any questions about tuition at Unisus School? Please contact us at info@unisus.ca or complete an online enquiry and our admissions staff will provide a tailored solution for your situation.

How to Apply to Unisus School

Applying for Admission to Unisus School can be completed in simple 3 step process:


Submit Initial Application


Complete Scheduled Interview

Once your initial application is received, our admissions staff will contact you to schedule an interview and assessment.


Admission Decision

Our assessment staff will determine if there is a mutual match for your child and Unisus. Upon acceptance of admission, a $500 deposit will be required to confirm attendance for the school year. This deposit will go towards the tuition payment.

Have any questions about our admissions process? Please contact us at info@unisus.ca or complete an online enquiry and our admissions staff will provide a tailored solution for your situation.

Spirit Week at Unisus

At the end of October, our school celebrated our very first Spirit Week. It was a blast to have Mr. Incredible zooming past Arthur and Harry Potter. Pint sized firefighters and first responders keenly roaming the halls with their imaginations in high gear. For Unisus, this was much more than just a week of wearing costumes for Halloween.

What is Spirit Week?

Spirit Week is a week long celebration where students and teachers wear different uniforms and costumes according to different themes that represent roles and characters that we encounter in the real world.

It’s a fun opportunity for everyone to express themselves in different ways and get to know each other better.

A different theme everyday?

Usually students at Unisus wear uniforms everyday. It is a way to show our unity however, this week we hosted a spirit week where students could dress to share and connect with one another in a different way.



We dressed like our
favourite characters.



We dressed as people with
careers that interest us.

dino - unisus - spirit - week.png


We wore costumes that
represent nature.



We showed our sporty side.



We shared our favourite things.

Learning with our creativity, sharing, and imagination

Spirit Week was an amazing event where our school was able to express themselves, use their creativity, and learn more about everyone’s interests and passions. We certainly look forward to seeing what our students and teachers come up with next year!