The Outdoors Provides a Unique Learning Environment

In this video, our educator Breanne Walker, shares the benefits of having time dedicated towards outdoor education. At Unisus School, students in the Saplings Pre-School Program receive at least 2 hours a day of outdoor activities. Our 17 acre campus provides a unique landscape where our students can explore, learn, and play in an unparalleled outdoor playground.

The Best Hiking Trails in the Okanagan

Welcome to the Okanagan Valley, one of the warmest regions in Canada! Home to beautiful lakes and mountain vistas, the Okanagan Valley has some of the most incredible hiking you can find. Whether you’re looking for lush forest, canyons, steep mountains, vineyard or lake views, you will find exactly what you desire for an outdoor adventure in the Okanagan.

Top Hiking Trails in the Valley Include

Knox Mountain Park – Kelowna

Image: Adam Jones via Wikipedia

Image: Adam Jones via Wikipedia

Located a short distance from Downtown Kelowna, Knox has a wide variety of trails with varying difficulty, and distances from 1-5 kilometres. Knox offers stunning views of the Okanagan Lake from trails like Paul’s Tomb as well as the many breathtaking lookouts.

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park (Teddy Bear Loop) – Kelowna

In this vast provincial park, there are many incredible trails of varying difficulty to hike or bike. Here you can witness the regrowth of a region devastated by the fire of 2003. Teddy Bear Loop is a moderate and steady 6.29-kilometre hike with unique scenery and lookouts with breathtaking views of Kelowna.

Angel Springs – Kelowna

Via June Springs Road, Angel Springs is a beautiful 11.6-kilometre loop through the lush forest of the canyon. Angel Springs is a fantastic trail to hike, bike or run as the dense forest provides a cooler temperature and beautiful views.

Pincushion Trail – Peachland

On this moderate to hard 1.8-kilometre hike to the top of Pincushion Mountain you will witness stunning views of the Okanagan Lake and Valley. On this trail you can enjoy the local nature and wildlife and once you reach the top of the mountain pose with the Canadian flag!

Giant’s Head – Summerland

Giant’s Head, a dormant volcano, is an easy 1.6-kilometre ascent to the top and has a wide variety of views of the lake, vineyards, and farms.Hopefully this short guide to hiking in the Valley inspires you to participate in some outdoor adventure here with us in the Okanagan!

*For more information visit http://www.okanagan.com/

Benefits of an Inquiry Based Education

In this video, our educator Andrea Walker, discusses the unique aspects of Inquiry Based learning and what it means for students at Unisus. By taking an inquiry Based approach, our students are able to explore topics that combine perspectives that include math, science, art, and language. This combination enables our students to learn and apply their knowledge in a way that prepares them for real world.

Student Leadership in the Classroom

In this video, our educator Charity Sembalerus, shares her excitement for providing students with an opportunity to take leadership in a classroom setting. At Unisus, we recognize that our students have a wealth of knowledge and skills that can be shared with their classmates and our teachers. Creating an environment where students are comfortable to teach and help others, will empower them to become leaders in and out of the classroom.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Application?

After you’ve submitted your initial application to Unisus, you can keep track of your admissions status by logging into your account on Open Apply. This platform will be used to submit documents and communicate with admissions staff, as you go through the admissions process.

Keep Track of application Status and Upcoming Events on the Dashboard

Once logged in, you can track your current application status on the Dashboard. You can also review any upcoming interviews or deadlines.

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Discover Items That Need To Be Completed On The Application Checklist

Any outstanding items that are required for your application will appear on the Application Checklist that can be found when clicking the Student Details section in the column on the left.

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Review Messages and Important Notifications

Important messages and notifications sent by our Admissions Staff can be reviewed in the Alerts & Notifications tab. These messages are also sent to the Email address connected to your account.

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Have any Questions? Send Us a Message

If you have any questions regarding your application, you can contact our admissions team via the built-in Messages feature. You can also contact our Admissions Coordinator via Email at danielle.timmer@unisus.ca

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If you have any questions regarding the application process or using Open Apply, please feel free to contact us at info@unisus.ca.

What is Tuition at Unisus School?

Tuition at Unisus School can depend on a variety of factors. The primary considerations are: Grade Level and Optional Boarding Requirements for Grades 8 - 12. Pricing breakdowns are included below.




Kindergarten to Grade 7

Grade 8 - 12



Local Day Boarding Students


North American Boarding Students

International Boarding Students

Have any questions about tuition at Unisus School? Please contact us at info@unisus.ca or complete an online enquiry and our admissions staff will provide a tailored solution for your situation.

How to Apply to Unisus School

Applying for Admission to Unisus School can be completed in simple 3 step process:


Submit Initial Application


Complete Scheduled Interview

Once your initial application is received, our admissions staff will contact you to schedule an interview and assessment.


Admission Decision

Our assessment staff will determine if there is a mutual match for your child and Unisus. Upon acceptance of admission, a $500 deposit will be required to confirm attendance for the school year. This deposit will go towards the tuition payment.

Have any questions about our admissions process? Please contact us at info@unisus.ca or complete an online enquiry and our admissions staff will provide a tailored solution for your situation.