The Outdoors Provides a Unique Learning Environment

In this video, our educator Breanne Walker, shares the benefits of having time dedicated towards outdoor education. At Unisus School, students in the Saplings Pre-School Program receive at least 2 hours a day of outdoor activities. Our 17 acre campus provides a unique landscape where our students can explore, learn, and play in an unparalleled outdoor playground.

Benefits of an Inquiry Based Education

In this video, our educator Andrea Walker, discusses the unique aspects of Inquiry Based learning and what it means for students at Unisus. By taking an inquiry Based approach, our students are able to explore topics that combine perspectives that include math, science, art, and language. This combination enables our students to learn and apply their knowledge in a way that prepares them for real world.

Student Leadership in the Classroom

In this video, our educator Charity Sembalerus, shares her excitement for providing students with an opportunity to take leadership in a classroom setting. At Unisus, we recognize that our students have a wealth of knowledge and skills that can be shared with their classmates and our teachers. Creating an environment where students are comfortable to teach and help others, will empower them to become leaders in and out of the classroom.

Recess: Opportunities for Learning and Creativity

We value recess at Unisus!  On the playground at Unisus students are being kids playing while also discovering so much learning each day.  They are not afraid to take risks and challenge themselves to learn something new, find something interesting, and make a new friend. Everyday they create new games and put their imaginations and wonder to work.

It’s far more than just a break


Recess is not only a time to get outside for fresh air. It is a time to explore and connect in different ways with one another and the world around us. Students run, play, create, and enjoy themselves no matter the weather.  They take in and appreciate the beauty of the Okanagan from our back door.

The playground encourages unique opportunities for communication and bonding


So much valuable learning takes place on the playground.  Social and communication skills develop as they work together to collaborate and build.  Friendships and special bonds are established between students and teachers as conversations unfold.  Students develop creativity as they explore and develop games and activities together. Lifelong learning on how to be prepared no matter the weather comes in to play as the weather changes and opportunities to share with one another occur.

A fresh approach to help with mindfulness and productive learning


At Unisus students sometimes start their day with Yoga in our multi-purpose room before class. They have 20 minutes outside mid morning and at noon they take a 25 minute recess before transitioning to 25 minutes for lunch. The research with this flipped lunch schedule shows it allows students to ease anxiety to relax and eat more while wasting less.  Students then engage in our many enriching and inquiry based classes including: music, art, PE, Spanish, outdoor education, and innovation. After school they participate in open gym, Innovation and STEM activities, or makers space and art.

Life for students at Unisus is full of engagement and fun but recess is definitely a very special, unique time each day.