Power of Professional Learning Communities

Unisus prides itself on not only quality learning for our students but for its comprehensive professional development opportunities for the whole community.

We learn and grow together


On Friday, November 9th the team met and continued the work of bonding together through collaboration around teaching and learning at Unisus and the future of education.

Being a teacher in itself shows your commitment and appreciation for learning. At Unisus we believe we are all learners and it is important to take time to reflect, share, and learn together.

We use technology as tools to help advance education at Unisus


We have professional development around the latest technologies, best practice in assessment, and how to build a culture of support to continue to push the boundaries in education. We have established norms that support our professional relationships and ongoing growth as individuals and a school.

Practice and communication are essential to constant improvement

Teachers work together to build Units of Inquiry and to share in the latests apps. They brainstorm ways to put best practice into action in their classrooms. Teachers set and share their goals with one another. They record their instruction so they can be reflective about their work as educators and how they can continue their path toward being the best teacher possible.

We help each other to shine. We believe in open doors and minds to new ideas that can support our students even more. The more we share the more we grow. Supporting professional learning communities by providing the time and opportunity for this work is critical and something we value deeply at Unisus.