Due at submission of application online, by mail, or in person.

$157.50 non-refundable fee per student application. Includes tax.


Due in 10 working days after letter of acceptance is sent

Due in 10 working days after the letter of acceptance is sent. A non-refundable registration fee of $500 will be applied to the last installment payment of the student’s tuition fee for the upcoming school year.


Priority Enrolment For Families In The Okanagan

UNISUS is the only Primary Years to Grade 12 international boarding school in Western Canada with weekly and full boarding. We are committed to serving the Okanagan community as one of our strategic initiatives. With limited availability, we would like to offer families in the Okanagan priority enrolment. We will open remaining spaces to non-resident and international families who have shown interest in enrolling their child(ren).

Refund Policy

100% Tuition is refunded to the family if the school is not successful in obtaining Group 4 Certificate of Classification in year 1 and subsequent years.

Junior Kindergarten Tuition Schedule

For Children 3 - 4 yrs of Age

JUNIOR K (3 Years Old).png


Junior Kindergarten Additional Details: 

Morning Class: 8:30  – 11:30 am

Afternoon class: 12:30 – 3:30 pm

  • 3:30 to 5 pm after school care fee is included for full day JK students.

  • Due to the limited spaces and the young child’s readiness of the program, admission personnel have the right to change the schedule of the half day student’s class time.

  • We will provide 30 days notice if such change is needed for the best interest of the child.

  • We reserve the right to have 3 and 4 years old students in one class.

Kindergarten to Grade 3 Tuition Schedule


Grade 4 To 7 Tuition Schedule


Grade 8 To 10 Tuition Schedule


Tuition And Fees for Boarding Students



* Boarding students outside of Canada: Medical Insurance and ESL programs are not included.

Scholarship and Bursaries







Scholarships and Bursaries are available for families who require financial assistance. 

If you have any additional questions regarding Scholarships and Bursaries, please contact the Admissions Office for further details.



Siblings Discount

Each additional sibling will receive a $500 discount on tuition fees annually.


Non-Citizen or Non-Resident of Canada enrolling in day school


Additional charge of $3500 from K to Grade 7 and $5000 from Grade 8 and up to cover ministry grant and service fee.


Ancillary Fee


Additional costs may arise to further enrich the child’s learning that are not normally funded by tuition fees. If required, we will provide details of these fees in advance. These fees will vary from grade to grade. Typical items include technology, textbooks, supplies, curriculum based field trips, overnight camps, etc.


Optional Fees


Optional workshops, trips, bus services, and after school care.

Other Variable Expenses:

  • Uniforms: School uniforms are required for all students and must be worn at all times at school. Uniforms can be purchased directly from our designated uniform service provider.

  • Computers: Students from Grades 4 and up are required to bring their own laptop to school. A list of compatible laptops will be sent out at a later date.


Payment Method

Application fee can be made online using our payment system.

Tuition fee and other payment(s) can be made by auto direct debit or cheque (post dated to the due date listed above).

International students have an option to pay by wire transfer or money order. Please contact the Admissions Office

for more information.