A Modern Education for the 21st Century

Our Program Prepares Your Child For Tomorrow's World

Technology and innovation have transformed the way we live and work, yet the current education system and the classroom environment have remained virtually the same for decades. At Unisus, we are leading the change in education by integrating the latest and best practices in teaching and learning from around the world. 


Nurture Leaders of Tomorrow Today

Our Students Will Be Equipped With The Tools And Skills To Excel In Tomorrow's World.

Our trans-disciplinary focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) will prepare our students to take on leadership roles driving change and innovation.  Our proximity to, and partnership with, cutting-edge technology companies in the Okanagan Valley create exciting opportunities for our students to experience and learn about entrepreneurship.


Established Fundamentals
With Inquiry-Based Learning

Striking A Balance Between Proven Learning Models And Providing The Freedom To Explore Passions And Interests

We believe our students should have strong foundational skills. They should be global minded and collaborative thinkers. It is also important for our students to express their creativity and pursue their curiosity.


The Future is Global

Opportunities To Learn And Experience Life Abroad

A key focus at Unisus is to foster your child’s understanding and appreciation of the global society that we live in today. Through our global partners, our students have an unparalleled opportunity to go abroad and experience deep cultural immersion. We also bring the world to Summerland by inviting international students and their families to come and experience all that we have to offer.



Junior School

Pre-School - Grade 7

Senior School

Grade 8 - 12



Weekday and International Boarding