Each year, school fees are subject to review and revision. The 2024/25 UNISUS Fee Schedule will be posted by end of January 2024 in an email notification and posted on the school’s website.

Continuous Enrollment

Unisus uses a Continuous Enrollment procedure. This ensures guaranteed placement for qualified students until graduation. The student’s seat is guaranteed unless the: 

  • Student does not maintain the school’s behavioral standards as noted in the Code of Conduct

  • Family does not pay school tuition and fees due and their school account remains unpaid

  • Family does not maintain the school’s guidelines in the Parent Handbook 

  • Family voluntarily chooses to leave and notifies the Admissions Office in writing two weeks prior to the departure date 

The annual re-enrollment deposit will be automatically processed on March 13 (International payments must be received by March 13). This payment is applied towards the 2023/24 school fees. 

We understand situations can change. Communication is key. We ask that if your family chooses to leave at the end of the school year that you advise our Admissions Office in writing prior to March 9, as indicated on the Agreement, to ensure your payment is not automatically processed.

*See here for the Head of School Continuous Enrollment letter.

Important Due Dates for Continuous Enrollment

  • Payment of Re-Enrollment Deposit - March 13
  • Notification to Admissions Office to withdraw - prior to March 9
  • Payment plans in place - March 31

Families who have not provided their re-enrollment deposit by March 13 of each year may be deregistered, placed in a waitpool, and subject to a $250 re-registration fee.