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Scholarships and Bursaries

UNISUS is proud to welcome outstanding local and international applicants who share our values and commitment to leadership through service, and who have the potential and dedication to fulfil the requirements of the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Programme (IB).

Building on our dedication to educational equity and our commitment to attracting new world-leading global learners, we are proud to offer select UNISUS Merit Scholarships and Leadership Scholarships.

In addition, the UNISUS Financial Assistance Program supports current local and international families who may experience unexpected financial hardship during their child’s UNISUS education. Please see the Financial Aid section at the bottom of the Tuition and Fees page.


Merit Scholarship

Up to $8,000 CDN *

Merit Scholarships are awarded to students in recognition of the student’s demonstrated strong
academic achievements, strength of character, co-curricular engagements, and other relevant talents
and accomplishments.

*Merit scholarships will not exceed $8,000 CDN and are applied to the student’s first full year of school tuition





Leadership Scholarship

Up to $3,000 CDN **

Leadership Scholarships are awarded to students in recognition of the student’s demonstrated
leadership, service commitments, strong academic success, strength of character, co-curricular
involvement, and other relevant talents and achievements.



**Leadership Scholarships will not exceed $3,000 CDN for each year the student is enrolled at the school



UNISUS seeks applications from globally-minded students who:

  • Show sensitivity to the needs of others and embrace leadership and service to community
  • Possess the skills necessary to conduct purposeful research
  • Make reasoned decisions and solve complex problems
  • Confidently express ideas in English and at least one other language (international applicants)
  • Respect the views, values, and traditions of other individuals and different cultures
  • Give thoughtful consideration to their own learning

Application Process for Scholarships 

1. Complete UNISUS Merit or Leadership Scholarship Application Form




2. Complete Admissions Application


  • Two previous end-of-year report cards and one current report card as a record of outstanding academic achievement
  • One (confidential) character reference attesting to the applicant’s leadership skills or ambitions, community contributions, academic commitment, and interests in topics of global importance


3. Submit Scholarship Application

Submit application (below) or submit to



This will be followed by the following interviews and assessments:

  • Scheduled Admissions Interview by the Admissions Department
  • Scheduled School Assessment by the Admission Department
  • Scheduled Interview by the Scholarship Committee

* Scholarship applications will be reviewed as received

Finalist applicants will be invited to interview with the UNISUS Scholarship Committee.