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International Students

UNISUS IB World School is a leading co-ed IB school with boarding, located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. With a fully accredited International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP), UNISUS offers inquiry-based programs and multiple pathways to graduation for students through Grade 12.

UNISUS commits to supporting students to become globally-minded citizens and critical thinkers, empowering them to change the world positively. 






Your pathway to the best post secondary education and career options in Canada as well as globally.   The IB program prepares students to be empowered, entrepreneurially minded leaders, with the skillsets to thrive in different cultures.  Located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, offering a huge variety of fun four season outdoor activities, in the most desirable place to live in Canada. One of the only schools in British Columbia that offers both an IB set of programs as well as boarding to international students.

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Multi-language proficiency and English Language Learning (ELL)

UNISUS World Languages is dedicated to the power of language education and preparing students for leadership in a changing world. Their English Language Learning (ELL) program supports non-native English speakers with tailored classroom support, language acquisition activities, extension opportunities, and immersion experiences. They use the WIDA system to assess students' language proficiency.

UNISUS also values the development of students' native languages, as it enhances academic performance. To graduate from the International Baccalaureate program, students must demonstrate proficiency in at least two languages, with a strong focus on Spanish and options for other languages.

The school offers a unique opportunity for a dual language IB Diploma by self-studying in a first language, fostering language capabilities and a global perspective. UNISUS emphasizes the importance of cross-cultural communication and aims to provide students with increased university choices.

In summary, UNISUS World Languages empowers students through comprehensive language education, preparing them for success in an ever-changing world and fostering global understanding and communication.

Experience a Semester Abroad with UNISUS

At UNISUS, we invite international students to explore a semester abroad in Canada with us. Embarking on a semester at UNISUS is more than just an academic journey; it's a transformative experience.

Imagine immersing yourself in a vibrant international community, embracing inspiring education, and forming lifelong friendships.

UNISUS, nestled in the picturesque Okanagan Valley of British Columbia Canada, offers a unique blend of rigorous academics and cultural enrichment. This opportunity is a doorway to personal growth, global understanding, and a truly unique educational adventure.

Come, explore the world at UNISUS, and redefine your international academic journey!

Total cost for one Semester: $31,340 January 2024 (Arrival: January 7th-10th 2024)


  • Boarding
  • Academics (5 courses)
  • Activities
  • Custodianship
  • Insurance
  • Uniform

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Top 5 Reasons Why Students Come to UNISUS

  1. Canada is known as one of the safest and friendliest countries for International students. The Government actively encourages international students to pursue post secondary and career pathways with the possibility of permanent residency. Canadian education is consistently ranked in the top 5 in the world and a top destinations for international students
  2. British Columbia students consistently perform in the Top 3 globally in academic achievements and English language proficiency according to OECD Program of International Student Assessment (PISA) for 15 year old students
  3. Summerland, British Columbus is a safe and vibrant community located only 45 minutes flight or 3.5 hr scenic drive from Vancouver. In addition to a safe and affordable cost of living, Summerland has one of the most desirable weather in Canada. The location is perfect for immersive language learning, away from the distractions of big urban centres.
  4. UNISUS is only one of the few IB World Schools in Western Canada that offers boarding to both local and international students. The gated 17 acre campus is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system and one of a few boarding schools with UVC-LED air cleaning and quality monitoring system. Nested in the midst of organic farms and orchards, students enjoy nutritious and international cuisines prepare by our own chef in our own dining room
  5. With a few minutes from the campus are miles of inland beaches, water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, and swimming along with miles of trails for hiking and biking. In the winter, students have access to a number of winter sports and recreation activities including hockey, downhill and cross-country skiing. 

Countries Represented at UNISUS Grades 7-12

Fees and Admissions


We recognize that choosing UNISUS IB World School is a major investment in your child's future and one that requires careful consideration and understanding of what is involved financially. We are here to assist with any concerns and questions through the admissions process. At UNISUS, we strive to make fees all-inclusive* to the extent possible. All fees below are for 2024/25 and are presented in Canadian Dollars

Grade and residency
2024/25 Fees Annually
equivalent Monthly*

Grades 8-12 International Boarding Student

$ 62,450

$ 5,204

Grades 8-12 International Day Students

$ 28,850

$ 2,404

Grade 7 International Boarding Student

$ 60,000

$ 5,000

Grades 4-7 International Day Students

$ 26,355

$ 2,196
Grades K-3 International Day Students $ 25,000 $ 2,083


  • *Most countries provide services for payment terms.  
  • *Inclusions: Standard English Language tuition, weekend adventure program, counselling, nutrition program, homework supervisory.
  • Exclusions: Additional ESL group or individual tutoring External program certification (e.g. Duke of Edinburgh). IB-DP textbooks ($2,600), medical insurance ($900).
  • Comprehensive Fee Schedule: For a detail and comprehensive fee and refund policy, please visit here.
  • Group 4 Sr. School bonding: eligible fees will be refunded if UNISUS School is not able to maintain BC Ministry Certification or in the case of unplanned or planned closure. For more information visit the Ministry of Education website.


At UNISUS, we accept rolling admissions throughout the school year, with our main intakes being in September and January. Our goal is to make your admissions experience as smooth as possible.

UNISUS employs iDAT for Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.  You may find a guide here on completing the iDAT assessment.

Find out more about  the admissions process here.

Please contact our Admissions Team for assistance.

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UNISUS Immersion Program

UNISUS Immersion is a unique program designed exclusively for partner agents and schools which provides students the opportunity to experience the UNISUS Advantage for a short period, varying from two weeks to 5 months, while developing their English Language skills and enjoying activities in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.  Master Two Worlds: Discover the Transformative Power of the IB Curriculum and English Language Learning in our Immersion Program in an authentic Canadian setting

The IBDP is a world renowned high school diploma that prepares students for top universities around the world. Students get the opportunity to participate in immersion classes with UNISUS students, learning the IB Curriculum.  In addition to providing a path to top universities in the world, the IB Curriculum will also:

  • Encourage students to think critically and become globally minded 

  • Inspire students to consider both local and global contexts 

  • Develop multilingual capabilities

  • IB graduates receive early acceptance into leading universities  

  • IB courses may qualify for first year university credits

In addition to the IB curriculum, students also receive an immersive English Language Learning (ELL) environment to better develop their English language capabilities.  All ELL classes are delivered by qualified native English speaking instructors.

If you're interested in exploring an immersion program, please contact admissions to find participating agents, associated fees, and how we can enable you!

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