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Join UNISUS at this year's Light Up Summerland Event

UNISUS is excited to announce our participation in LightUP Summerland on November 24th, 2023!

Come try baked holiday treats from around the world

UNISUS parent and student councils will be hosting a booth celebrating our many nationalities with baked holiday goods from around the world.  Instead of setting a specific price, we will kindly request a donation of your choice. Your generosity will help support a local charity (to be announced). 

Participate in a scavenger hunt celebrating Summerland Businesses

Our UNISUS Senior students are also excited to announce a scavenger hunt to run from 4 to 7pm on November 24th, which will require the solving of riddles to find and celebrate local businesses in our Summerland Core.  Those who solve all riddles will have a chance to win an assortment of prizes which will be awarded at 7:30pm at our UNISUS booth at the festival! 

Come see the UNISUS School band perform at the Festival on the Family Stage at 6pm!

Our Scavenger Hunt is launched!

Dear Participants,
The Summerland Scavenger Hunt was organized by the Unisus Student Council as a way to unite the Summerland community and to support local businesses.
The following clues will lead you to a business’ storefront where you will find a word on display. A total of 13 words can be found to create a full sentence. Once you have completed the sentence, please drop by our booth at the Light Up to enter your name for a chance to win some prizes donated by the local businesses! Good luck and all the best!

You may use the below to navigate the clues, or come by our UNISUS booth, in front of Home Hardware, to receive a printout of these clues.

Clue 1

A quaint little store lying on the main street
You can buy lovely laurels for those that you meet

and lets not soon forget the fine toffee you’ll get
no regular flowers compete


Clue 2

If you’re ever in want of a place where
you can shop for some trinkets, then do not despair

you won’t be alone
finding things for your home or perusing the shelves of neat hardware


Clue 3

When you sense a craving ahead and nothing shall stand in its stead
bow not to the pain

seek delicious grain
a pathway to pastries you tread


Clue 4

A building infested with frames old sculptures of fellas and dames when your psyche could use
a new place to peruse
or a different perspective proclaimed


Clue 5

A cozy and twisting old haunt with all of the stories you’d want The world is quiet here
free to shift to a lower gear
As you peruse and admire the fonts


Clue 6

Tiles of cerulean where all splashers go.
Not a vast lake or a wide river’s flow. Here where infinite laps are completed

And many new skills can then be exceeded.


Clue 7

municipality here shall reside good public services they shall provide
our lovely city

shall stay nice and pretty
hang on to your summerland pride


Clue 8

This service consistently exits the frying pan
a surefire help, they are poseidon's biggest fans

If you’re liar, liar
they’ll set right your mire
with their drastically upgraded vans


Clue 9

Celebrating We Enrich Lives, where value resides,
Stewards of wealth, in whom trust abides.

Creating paths for families, where ambition guides,
Differentiated mortgages, where dreams coincide.


Clue 10

Discover in town a Ukrainian delight, Pierogies and borscht, day and night.
Seek out a spot where sunflowers reside,

In this cafeĢ's warmth, your hunger will subside.


Clue 11

When your nationalism needs a bit of a boost
and your sophisticated pallet wants maple trees juiced

when you want farm to table cast your eyes to green gables Take up this sweet syrupy roost


Clue 12

When you want a good drink
And we are not talking sprite Going to get an alcoholic beverage sounds just about right.
Don't take your kids.
Or you might end up in a cell
Then you’ll have to deal with the devil when you end up in hell. Head towards a brewery
The key is to be compliant
The beginning word is giant You’re welcome.


Clue 13

There once was a lad craving eatery
he wanted a place he could meet or see
all his numerous friends
at the main roadway’s end where the locals can drink good coffee & tea


Put the words you found together to create the full
sentence, and come to our UNISUS booth to enter your name into the many fabulous prize draws