At UNISUS we believe academic learning and extracurricular activities complement each other. Through participation in extracurricular activities, students learn qualities of leadership, sharing, team spirit, and tolerance. For example, sports not only help build physical stamina, but it also teaches desirable qualities such as discipline, determination, and will power.

There is considerable research that supports the substantial benefits that result from participation in competitive sports and extracurricular activities. 


Studies show that students who participate in sports and co-curricular activities have a marked improvement in their grades. This can be attributed to improved self-esteem as students learn and acquire new skills.


Students learn how to balance their academic life with their extracurricular activities. Through participation in activities outside of their classes, students learn how best to organize and allocate their time.


Through participation in team sports and other group activities, students learn teamwork and other important social skills. Studies show that students who participate in extracurricular activities are better at collaboration and can relate much better with their peers.


For senior school students, participation in sports and extracurricular activities boost their chances of gaining admission into top universities. Universities and colleges are increasingly placing greater emphasis on achievements outside of academics. With many leading universities and colleges in North America, scholarships and admittance are often determined by the students achievements in athletics and extracurricular activities.

At UNISUS, we firmly believe athletics and extracurricular are key pillars to nurturing well-rounded future leaders. We have dedicated a senior member of our staff to the organization of competitive sports teams and to the development of other extracurricular opportunities such as coding, robotics, and entrepreneurship.