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Canada School Hockey Team Training

The UNISUS Scholar-Athlete program combines a world-class International Baccalaureate education with a holistic, focused approach to sports

The program is designed for students who aspire to reach high-performance or advanced levels in their athletic pursuits and successful academic achievements.

Research indicates that students who engage in competitive athletics at school develop crucial skills that have long-lasting positive effects.

UNISUS Scholar-Athletes develop essential skills such as resilience, heightened accountability, and unwavering dedication towards achieving their goals and objectives.

These skills not only benefit them in sports but they also have a profound impact on their overall personal growth and success.

Key Benefits of the Scholar Athlete Program

Academic Pathway

  • IBDP and/or enriched B.C. Dogwood Diploma for grade 12 graduating students
  • Our individualized pathways to graduation and individual learning system enables all students to achieve their best academically
  • The IB based program creates confident, capable learners prepared for success in college/university
  • IB is globally recognized by top universities worldwide for early acceptance and scholarship attainment
  • Many IB graduates receive first year credits when achieving benchmark results

Athletic Development

  • Holistic athlete development including physical strength and conditioning, mental wellbeing, nutrition, and injury prevention
  • Focused dry-land training to complement on ice/snow training led by qualified sports therapists
  • Individualized training plans and performance achievement reports supported by analytics and video
  • Post-secondary application and offer management with focused approach to athlete brand development

Meet World Champion and Olympian Snowsports Coach, Kristi Richards from KR Academy

The exciting thing about this program is that the curriculum and the timetables will be built to support both athletics and academics and it will feel like one integrated system so that way you are going to get a lot of contact hours, both in school and up at the hill, so it will be very exciting.

If this existed when I was an athlete going through the ranks, it would have changed my world.

-Coach Kristi Richards

Coaches' Corner

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