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Nutrition at UNISUS

At UNISUS we understand how important the choice of food can be, which is why we open up our dining hall, run by Chef Kyle and his team, to both boarding students all day, as well as our day students for lunch.

Chef Kyle provides a nutritional, multi-cultural culinary experience, promoting awareness of health and wellness through farm-to-table nutrition.  We celebrate the international nature of our UNISUS family through meals from across the globe throughout the month. 

Introducing Chef Kyle

Chef for Boarding at Unisus IB School Canada


Chef Kyle approaches his food from a nutritional standpoint and believes that meals need to be well-rounded with as many of the food groups that you can fit in.

Feeding students healthy and nutritional foods is important to me, and this means eating seasonally and locally when possible, so you get the full flavours and nutritional value of our foods.

There is so much food seasonally here in the Okanagan. Apples, peaches, plums and more that is all from the local area when it is in season.   I include them in my meals, snacks, and right in the salad bar. I am happy to be a part of UNISUS and provide our students with delicious, nutritious meals.

I've been tasked with finding a way to provide delicious food that is nutritious.   That's important to me.  That's what I do.

-Chef Kyle

Learn More About our Nutrition Program at UNISUS

Whether cooking for students in a way that is delicious for their taste buds while balancing nutrition, or creating inspired elaborate meals for our international visitors or parent gathers, Chef Kyle brings the best of his creations to the table. 

Sample Weekly Student Lunch Menu

Sample Student Meals

Chef Program nutrition BC Boarding School
Healthy Meals Canadian Boarding School Food
Nutrition Program Boarding School Canada

Sample Gourmet Dishes for some Chinese International Visitors