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Student Housing Parents at Unisus Senior School help to oversee the School’s residences.  Within our boarding school, the Student Housing Parents execute a vital role, providing a safe, caring and empathic “home away from home” for the learners in their care.  Student Housing Parents need to be compassionate, flexible, firm and forgiving “in loco parentis” supporters for the learners in their care. In addition, they must be steadfast supporters of the Boarding team and the School as a whole.

Additional Information

Reports to:

Senior School Principal, Head of Student Housing 

Functional Relationships:

Other Houseparents (HPs), Head of Student Housing, Director of Operations, students, academic faculty, medical staff, residence support staff

House Parent Key Responsibilities:

  • Utmost ‘Duty of care’ for all students

  • Assist students in their studies by monitoring their progress, tutoring, and helping with the challenges of learning.

  • Maintain housing agreements and supervise appointed quiet hours and lights out in residence.

  • Participate in the weekly evening duty schedule on a regular basis.

  • Assist in planning and act as a chaperone on weekend trips.

  • Be involved with the co-curricular life of the School by leading and/or coaching clubs or sports.

  • Participate in and/or lead House meetings.

House Parent Responsibilities:

  • Support and reinforce appropriate values and behaviours in students

  • Fulfil an appropriate ‘duty of care’ in the creation of a positive, happy and responsible residential environment and service for all students.

  • Respect and embrace the diversity within the student population.

  • Supervise and provide opportunities, which enrich students’ personal and social development.

  • Plan and implement a wide range of suitable activities for students to enjoy.

  • Support the school at school functions (award presentations and special events, orientation and Open Days) and in the promotion of the school at sporting and arts functions.

  • Participate, lead and supervise student co-curricular activities each week of the academic year as assigned or nominated for.

  • Undertakes other duties as directed by the Head of House.

Activities Responsibilities:

  • Teach on occasion for cover needs.

  • Attend and assist with planning and facilitating after-school activities. 

  • Help to plan, organize and facilitate Outdoor Education experiences, study trips and camps.

  • Fulfill the ‘teacher’ professional expectations as laid out in the Unisus Faculty Handbook.

  • Promptly report duty of care, critical incident, occupational safety and health matters to senior staff.

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