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Our Residence

About The UNISUS Residence

Our boarding program empowers students to gain independence and self-reliance for their academic success and the relationships and community to which they contribute. Boarding students are at the centre of the UNISUS family and community and are privileged to a global and authentically Canadian perspective only achievable through the boarding experience combined with a vibrant day student family.


  • Sate of the art facility was constructed in 2018
  • There are three floors:
    • First floor: Full commercial kitchen and dining facility, and staff residences
    • Second floor: Male floor
    • Third Floor: Female floor and commons room
  • Activities evenings and weekends
  • Capacity holds up to 75 students
  • Lake or mountain views in every room
  • Private bathrooms and showers in each room
  • Safe and secure with digital key fob access and 24/7 dedicated dormitory staff
  • Residence is integrated into the life of the school with placement right next to the school building

UNISUS boarding students come from diverse cultures and age groups. All share the unique experience of international friendships, and to live and learn in a culturally rich “home away from home” that extends beyond the classroom.

According to the Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), boarding students succeed at a significantly higher rate than public schools in colleges and adult life. The study found that boarding student graduates are more likely to earn an advanced degree and achieve faster career advancement. Data from the study also highlighted that 78% of boarding school graduates felt they acquired non-academic skills such as independence, social life, and time management compared to 23% of non-boarding students.