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Boarding Life

A Unique, Co-Educational Boarding Experience 

The UNISUS boarding experience empowers students to gain independence, self leadership, and and build lifelong friendships around the globe.Unisus School offers a co-educational boarding program for students Grades 7-12, delivering a unique boarding experience for students worldwide to live and learn together in a tight-knit community, while experiencing the best of British Columbia and Canadian culture.



Gaining Global Perspectives

The UNISUS purpose-built boarding residence is home to students from 17 different countries worldwide.Our boarding students come from diverse cultural backgrounds and age groups, all sharing the unique experience to make friendships, live, and learn in a diverse and culturally rich “home away from home” that extends beyond the classroom.




Fostering Self Leadership

Student empowerment is an integral part of a UNISUS education.Our boarding program empowers students to gain independence and self-reliance for their academic success, relationships, and community involvement. 




Weekend Adventure Program

Boarding Program and Residence

Nurtition Program by Chef Kyle

English Language Learning

Boarding Services at UNISUS

Our Beautiful Location

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Countries Represented at UNISUS Grades 7-12





Benefits of UNISUS Boarding:

  • Academic support and guidance seven days a week
  • A gained sense of independence, self leadership, and responsibility
  • Flex-time to engage in organized sports and activities
  • Structures and guidance to develop responsible and empowering relationship with technology
  • Opportunities to explore the Okanagan, participating in a range of cultural, experiential and personal enrichment activities evening, weekends, and breaks
  • Lifelong friendships from around the globe
  • A nutritional, multi-cultural culinary experience promoting awareness of health and wellness through farm-to-table food, while also learning to cook and learn about variety of culinary concepts

According to the Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), boarding students succeed at a significantly higher rate than public schools in colleges and adult life. The study found that boarding student graduates are more likely to earn an advanced degree and achieve faster career advancement. Data from the study also highlighted that 78% of boarding school graduates felt they acquired non-academic skills such as independence, social life, and time management compared to 23% of non-boarding students.

Safety is our priority

From airport pick up, to security keys and a gated community, our program promises to be among the safest boarding experiences available.

We offer:

  • Airport welcome and departure support by UNISUS staff
  • UNISUS dedicated transportation for all school and leisure activities
  • Gated 17 acre property
  • Quiet residential neighbourhood surrounded by agricultural land, within Summerland which has an exceptionally low crime rate (reference)
  • Coded secure access control system for each boarding floor and room
  • Advanced air filtration system
  • Gender separated floors with dedicated gender specific staff on each floor on call 24/7

The individual growth of the student in the boarding environment is an important investment as a parent.  The friends you make will be an extremely strong bond, forged by living together, experiencing together, experiencing setbacks and achievements together.  The UNISUS boarding experience will enrich your career, enrich your lifetime, bring strength to your family, and those that work with you and for you.

-Nigel Toy, Board of Directors at UNISUS

*Nigel has 45+ years of experience with two globally recognized boarding schools. He served as the Head of School at St. George’s School in Vancouver, British Columbia and prior to that he served as the Head of School for St. Kentigern College in New Zealand