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Discover the UNISUS Advantage: A 3-Day Immersive Journey!

Discover the UNISUS Advantage: A 3-Day Immersive Journey!

Always wondered what it's like to be immersed in the vibrant, nurturing, and globally-focused environment of UNISUS? Well, here's your unique chance to witness and experience the Unisus difference, first-hand!

Our special 3-Day Try Unisus Event offers an insightful peek into our boarding and academic life that harmoniously blends the world renowned IB Programme's learning methodologies with our pillars of outdoor education, technology and innovation, and entrepreneurship. This adventure isn’t just about information - it's a journey of transformation!

Your Comfort is Our Priority

Everything is effortlessly planned for you. The journey commences with a comfortable ride in the UNISUS mini-bus, scheduled to pick participants in Vancouver on Thursday, transport them to the serene Unisus campus adjacent to the burgeoning innovation hub, and safely return them to Vancouver on Sunday. Added bonuses? All transportation costs from Vancouver to UNISUS and back are included in the comprehensive student price.

Dive into the Unisus Life!

We've curated an enriching 3-day itinerary that offers a deep dive into life at UNISUS. Moving beyond traditional tours, our event is brimming with engaging activities. From insightful class experiencing of our IB programmes, outdoor adventures with boarding students, to enriching evening orientation activities - you are in for an immersive experience.

Intrigued by our balanced and healthy meals? You will happily join us at the dining table as well! It's time to understand why countless students and parents choose UNISUS for an academically enriching and holistically nurturing upbringing.

Transparency and Affordability

All these enriching experiences come at an affordable student price of $350. This comprehensive price includes administrative fees, accommodation, meals, activities, and transportation. We invite parents keen to share this journey with their children to inquire about the available options and pricing details.

Choose Your Dates Now!

We wouldn't want you to miss this exclusive opportunity! You have three available dates for this transformative event: November 23rd to 26th, January 11th to 14th, and February 1st to 4th. Remember, we have limited spots for each session to ensure that every participant gets a detailed and personalised experience!

Ready, Set, Register!

Ready to jump in? Then click [here] to register. Prior to finalizing your registration, please download the waiver [here], complete it and send it over to

We are Here!

Should you have further inquiries, feel free to check our TryUNISUS landing page for more information, email us or chat via WhatsApp. We are truly excited to assist you!

Embark on this 3-day adventure and discover the transformative nature of UNISUS that helps shape your child into a well-rounded global citizen. Join us, and let's together delve into this incredibly enriching experience at UNISUS, creating lasting memories while paving the way for a bright, globally-focused future!