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Senior School Support | Flex, Period 7 & Gr. 11-12 Assemblies

STEM Science Class Private Boarding School Canada

Flex and Period 7 for Grades 8-10

Flex Block

Students in grades 8-10 will have one weekly Flex block in their schedule.

During this supervised time, they can work on homework independently or seek assistance from subject teachers.

Flex encourages students to develop time management skills and take ownership of their learning, preparing them for the final two years of school.


Period 7

Students also have Period 7, a rotating schedule of all of their subjects.

Period 7 lessons will focus on curricular competencies, like ideating, reasoning analyzing, assessing and communication. The skills covered in each of the period 7 lessons will help to enhance learning across the curriculum.

Short programs or outside speakers can also be organized during these two blocks without impeding on regular lessons.



Gr. 11 & 12 Assemblies

Once a week, I will be meeting with Grade 11 and 12 students to talk about timely information regarding the DP program's requirements and upcoming assessment deadlines.

In addition, we will explore the importance of balance and well-being, delving into a variety of relaxation techniques, effective revision strategies, and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.

These assemblies are not just about information dissemination; they will also create opportunities for discussions, as students will be encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas which in turn will sharpen communication skills.

  • DP 11-12
  • MY 6-10