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UNISUS Family Day Hike & Bonfire + Sign Up to Host an International Student for Family Day Dinner!

UNISUS Family Day Hike & Bonfire + Sign Up to Host an International Student for Family Day Dinner!
Linnea Storvold

UNISUS Family Day Events!

#1) Hike and Bonfire

We would like to invite you to join us for a Family Day hike and bonfire!

Hike around the campus with your family, and then finish the event with a cup of delicious hot chocolate around the Unisus bonfire behind the dormitory.

Here are the details of the event:

When: February 19th

Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm

#2) Host an International Student for Dinner

To continue the family day atmosphere, we would like to ask if there are any local families who would be interested in welcoming an international student(s) into their home for family day to have dinner with them?

We currently have 21 international students staying at UNISUS from 7 different countries, and one element they are really missing is that they don't have those meaningful family connections during these special times.

It would be so nice if any of our families wanted to invite a student, or a few, to come have dinner in their home.

We are kicking off this initiative on the February 19th Family Day, but we have included the option on our sign up forms to host a student on a different day if you prefer!

We want our kids here to feel as welcomed as possible during their time in Canada, especially on those days where they may be missing their families.

Plus, it is great for them to see what life is like in a Canadian family home!

We just ask that you please come pick up the students at our Unisus Dormitory. We will have someone from the dorm come and bring the student(s) down and introduce you. Please indicate on the form what time you would like to pick the student up at. Drop off can happen once dinner is finished back at the dormitory.

So we hope you will consider hosting a student or a few! It would really mean a lot to them :) And if you know of a local family who would be interested in hosting, please share this with them as well! We would love to connect our international students with local families. 


Fill in the form to host a student for dinner HERE 

Thank you!


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