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World Languages and ELL

Welcome to the world of UNISUS World Languages, where we believe that embracing the power of language opens up a world of opportunities and connections. At UNISUS, we are passionate about nurturing the potential of our students and preparing them to be leaders in a rapidly changing global landscape. Let's dive into the exciting elements of our world language program!


In our vibrant community, we recognize the importance of English language proficiency. Our English Language Learning (ELL) program is designed to empower non-native English speakers to unlock their full potential and engage confidently in academic subjects taught in English within the classroom.

  1. English in the Mainstream: Through our innovative differentiated classroom program, students receive tailored support that ensures their success in acquiring the language skills necessary for their academic journey.
  2. Language Acquisition: Language Acquisition is another key component of our ELL program in which our students get immersed in activities and interactions that expand their language abilities. Additionally, we provide additional learning support both inside and outside the classroom, empowering students to grasp subject-specific vocabulary.
  3. Language Extension: For continued growth, UNISUS offers language extension opportunities. Through small group sessions or personalized one-on-one tutoring, students can deepen their English language skills during the later afternoon, evenings, and even weekends. We believe in providing a holistic educational experience, and our boarding program incorporates dedicated English language learning time to ensure comprehensive language development.
  4. Language Immersion: We believe that an immersive language environment plays a vital role in learning a new language. Through various school activities and community engagement opportunities, we create rich English language settings. This allows our students to interact and connect with English-speaking peers, fostering a truly immersive experience that accelerates their language proficiency.

Throughout the language development, UNISUS employs the WIDA system to identify the proficiency of students in all components of language development, in order to develop tailored programs that empower each student in their English Language Acquisition.

WIDA Language Proficiency scales

WIDA Language Proficiency Scale


Beyond helping our international students achieve a strong english proficiency, we also recognize the value of continued development in one's native language. Research has shown that advancing native language capabilities not only enhances success from a home country perspective but also greatly improves overall academic performance, including English language proficiency. At UNISUS, we encourage students to build on their native language skills and empower them to excel in all aspects of their education.


At UNISUS, we believe that language learning extends beyond English. To graduate from the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, all students are required to demonstrate proficiency in at least two languages. As such, Spanish is the second language we teach, and the majority of our students actively participate in these classes. Our dedicated Spanish language program is designed to foster fluency and cultural understanding, equipping students with the skills to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to Spanish, we offer options in a variety of other languages, including French and Mandarin with the support of the renowned Pamoja platform. This program, recognized by the IB, allows students to explore their passion for languages and expand their global perspectives. We believe that the ability to communicate in multiple languages empowers our students to become successful global citizens.


As part of the IB framework, our students have the opportunity to be granted a dual language IB Diploma when taking a self-study Language Literature  course in their first language such as German, Japanese, French or others. This desirable option enhances students' language capabilities and expands their worldview, preparing them for success in an interconnected and multicultural society. Our commitment to providing this unique opportunity reflects our belief in the limitless potential of our students. UNISUS was founded on the principles of global awareness and cultural consciousness. We believe that in order to succeed in today's world, students must possess the ability to communicate effectively with people from different cultures and backgrounds. By offering our students the chance to graduate with a dual language IB Diploma, we hope to give them increased accessibility and wider choice of Universities, as not only is this desired by Universities but it also widens the University choices for students. 


At UNISUS, we are dedicated to fostering innovative leaders of tomorrow. By prioritizing language education, we empower our students to engage, inspire, and empower themselves and others in an ever-changing world. Join us on this extraordinary journey of language exploration and become part of a global community that values the power of communication and understanding. Your future is waiting at UNISUS World Languages!