The structured, play-based approach of our Early Years Program encourages the natural wonder and curiosity in each child and introduces the youngest members of our UNISUS community to a lifelong journey of learning. The Early Years Program is currently available for learners ages 3 - 5 years.


“I had the pleasure of joining my son’s preschool class for an hour and it was absolutely one of the most enjoyable mornings I’ve had in a long time. The respect that I witnessed between the kids was inspiring. I especially love how the classroom is set up for open play and discovery with different “stations” for the kids to explore.

- Current UNISUS Family

A World of Discovery

Discover the world outside through our outdoor-based preschool program (30% - 50% of the day is spent outside).

Nature is infused into all aspects of the Junior Kindergarten program, as the IB pedagogy emphasizes inquiry-based learning through play and hands-on discovery.