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Diploma Programme (DP)

Inspire. Empower. Achieve. — One Student at a Time

The UNISUS IB Diploma Programme (DP) offers students world class university preparation programs and pathways to esteemed Universities worldwide.

Our academically rigorous Diploma Programme (DP) offers an unsurpassed breadth and depth of knowledge that develops students intellectually, emotionally, and ethically – increasing our student’s candidacy to their university of choice.

The broad scope of the Diploma Programme encourages our students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world settings and prepares them to manage demanding expectations, workloads, and timelines.

Students become confident and capable globally-minded citizens and thinkers, empowered to meet life’s challenges with intelligence, compassion, and courage.

Our Senior School students are pivotal contributors to the values that drive UNISUS and are active ambassadors of the IB Learner Profile and the exemplary UNISUS student.

The enriched learning environment at UNISUS supports each student’s personal development and academic aspirations to elevate their success in the IB Diploma Programme.


In the Diploma Programme, we:

  • Prepare for University through academically rigorous programs and pathways
  • Experience a rigorous, relevant and relationship rich education
  • Encourage local and global leadership through service opportunities
  • Support students with academic, pastoral and university guidance services
  • Empower students with perspective to positively impact the world from a local, national and global level
  • Learn superior time management and organizational skills
  • Develop original thoughts and ideas, challenge assumptions and engage in creative problem-solving in predictable and unpredictable situations
  • Work both independently and collaboratively, with efficiency and care for the needs of others
  • Instil the academic rigour and work ethic required to experience success in future university studies
  • Ensure a high level of teacher support with a tutorial like teacher to student ratio

Bilingual Diploma and Extended Curriculum Options

The IB-DP program is really helping me learn about myself, and learn what I love doing and what I want to pursue. It's preparing me for my future. It's a difficult programme, but once you learn to balance your time and yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, it's an incredible programme. It teaches me how to learn, and how to think; it's not about learning facts.

-Fiamma, UNISUS Graduate 2023