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Career Guidance and University Entrance

At UNISUS, we go beyond the norm to support students in choosing a career and university or college program that best suits their need.  Our support program starts in the grade 8, we work with students to begin identifying the student's interests, what career might be suited for themselves as an individual, and which academic and extra-curricular programming will most empower them.  The UNISUS approach to the university application process is holistic and uses the university search as a tool for further self-exploration.

Support team:

We support and empower students to discover what they need to be successful and navigate the university application process.

Students learn how to find solutions to what might seem like barriers and access scholarships and financial aid. Students know how to tell their story because we work together to help them find and use their voices.

University Counselling provides:

  • Summer program application support
  • Thorough explanation of application processes for domestic and international students
  • Development of college/university application list based on student’s goals

Guidance for college/university visit planning and assistance with the application process including:

  • Preparation for college/university admission interviews
  • College/university application organization and timeline creation
  • Discussion of Scholarship and Financial Aid opportunities
  • Personal statements and supplemental essays
  • Scholarship essays
  • Standardized Testing Planning
  • Presentation of student’s school engagement and participation in extracurricular activities, athletics, internships, research, and employment
  • Preparation of supplemental materials
  • Submission of Common Application, UCAS, and application formats

The UNISUS 3 Tier Support System

1. Academic Program Integration - our career education courses guide students in choosing careers, setting goals, and interact with guest speakers in diverse career areas as well as from Universities and Colleges to build their knowledge and explore interests

2. Individual Coaching and Counselling - we work with each individual student to build the personal narrative and best fit solution for each individual, coaching them throughout the process of career and university choice that best fits them on all levels

3. Community Support - we believe it takes a community to define and set in motion a successful future. We create special events throughout the year to create that network of support for students.

What makes the UNISUS approach so unique?

  • With a small ratio of students per counsellor, the level of individual support that we can provide each student is very high
  • Our university and career guidance program is part of the UNISUS tuition.  Most private schools charge up to 12k per year for this service

The career planning stage at UNISUS is incredible in guiding me in the pathways which is right for me, not only in terms of which career, but where to pursue my medical career and program, and what that means for my career. When I chose neuro-medicine, I then had to decide my pathway. I've decided to study in Mexico, where I can go straight into medicine vs 4 yr pre-med in Canada. I was also looking at Australia. With medicine I need to work where I study.

- 2023 UNISUS Graduate

Celebrating Our UNISUS Graduates

Where Our Graduates Have Gone to Study Further


University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of Toronto, Western University, Capilano University, Queen's University, University of Alberta, York University, Thompson Rivers University, Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Northern British Columbia, University of Fraser Valley


University of Michigan State, University of Arizona, University of California - Merced

U.K. University of Birmingham, University of Manchester, University of Warwick
Europe Blanquerna University, IE University, University of Navarra (Spain) + University of Groningen, University of Maastricht (Netherlands)


Achievements of Our UNISUS Graduates

Choices of Post-Secondary Programs by UNISUS Graduates

University Acceptances Graduating Class of 2023:

  • Capilano University - Bachelors of Business Administration
  • Toronto Metropolitan University - Civil Engineering
  • Queen's University - Bachelor of Arts - Honors
  • Simon Fraser University - Computing Science; Bachelor of Applied Science - Engineering
  • Thompson River University - Bachelor of Business Administration
  • University of British Columbia - Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Applied Sciences - Engineering; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Applied Sciences -Engineering
  • University of Alberta - Bachelor of Commerce - International Business
  • University of Calgary - Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Arts - Geography; Bachelor of Commerce - International Business Strategy
  • University of Fraser Valley - Bachelor of Business Administration
  • University of Toronto - Bachelor of Arts - Studies in Humanities
  • University of Victoria - Bachelor of Science - Computer Science; Bachelor of Arts
  • York University - Bachelor of Arts - Geography, Bachelor of Science - Engineering
  • Groningen - Bachelor of Applied Math; International Law
  • University of Maastricht - Law and Business
  • Blanquerna University - International Relations
  • IE University - Dual degree Business and International Relations; Dual Degree International Relations and Law
  • University of Navarra - Business Management
  • Manchester Metropolitan University - International Relations/Law
  • University of Birmingham - International Relations and Development
  • University of Manchester- Politics/International Relations
  • University of Warwick - International Relations
United States
  • University of California, Merced - Bachelor of Science - Cognitive Sciences