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Engage, Inspire, Empower - One Student at a Time



At UNISUS, we place the learner at the core of the school experience. We enable each student to learn in a way that empowers them in their development through individual learning plans.





UNISUS offers multiple pathways to graduation, from an enriched B.C. Dogwood Diploma to the world-leading IB-DP Diploma, opening doors for early acceptance into the best universities globally. 



In our small and personalized classes, our experience-based learning approach infuses the world renowned International Baccalaureate Programmes with a focus on Outdoor Education, as well as Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship as key attributes for resilience in an ever-changing world.



The outcome is that students are confident, healthy, lifelong
learners who are equipped with the tools, mindset, and values 
to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world in a way that is
unique to each individual. 


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     I learnt self motivation and self leadership;  to take care of myself, to be self motivated, independent, confident and resilient to face anything that lies ahead.

-Recent UNISUS Graduate