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UNISUS became my home, my family. I came for one year abroad, attracted to experience Canada and join the IB program. It was my decision to join, and ended up staying for 4 years. I've become the person that I am through the school. The programme helped me become a confident self leader, and opened new global perspectives. 

 Paulina, Grade 12 UNISUS Graduate from Cancun, Mexico


Boarding School Program Canada


Being in UNISUS accelerated my learning; I met so many people that I would have never met - International students and teachers, and just the way they handle academics, it was really positive!

 Kalina, Grade 12 UNISUS Graduate

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I chose to go to UNISUS; my parents suggested I go to boarding school to prepare me for the big step of going abroad. I chose IB as the most powerful way to prepare for university and what's going to come there. I wanted to be close to nature; to go skiing, to be outdoors. I don't like big schools - I thought UNISUS was a perfect match for me, and the best decision for me.

Fiamma, Grade 12 UNISUS Graduate from Northern Italy


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I chose UNISUS because I was looking to study internationally (in an international community) and abroad in Canada. Unisus was the best choice - true Canadian experience, great education, and international focus. I was originally going to go with a homestay program, but this was the better choice being with people my age, and international. So many cultures mixing together, many points of view - I never would have gotten that experience in a home stay. It's so much fun living in a boarding house - my neighbours are my friends, there's people from different ages and different cultures. We mix different points of view, which is amazing. Projects and homework - the people who have already done it are so helpful - I could get the support of those who had already done it.

Daniel Perez, UNISUS Graduate 2023, Mexico


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