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Welcome To UNISUS

A British Columbia school that offers the International Baccalaureate and boarding. Fostering innovation leaders of tomorrow, UNISUS delivers a personalized education experience that enables each student to power their unique potential, and prepares them for tomorrow's rapidly changing world.

Pathways To Graduation

At UNISUS, we embrace the uniqueness of every student and empower them with a personalized pathway to graduation, whether through an enriched B.C. Dogwood Diploma, or an IB Diploma Programme certificate as well. We set the stage for a successful post-secondary career by tailoring diplomas to suit the needs of each student.

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UNISUS Enrichment Program

At UNISUS, we go beyond the world class IB Program to deliver an innovative education that prepares students for tomorrow's rapidly changing world. We weave three foundational pillars into the IB curriculum and into the experiences outside of the classroom that we believe are critical for our children's future: Innovation and Technology, Outdoor Education, and Entrepreneurship.

The Okanagan Advantage

UNISUS is located in the safe and vibrant Okanagan Valley next to one of the fastest growing innovation and technology hubs in Canada. The four distinct seasons  and beautiful natural surroundings provide an ideal setting for year-round sports and extracurricular activities right at our doorstep.

Self Discovery Through our Extra-Curricular Programs

The UNISUS extra curricular programs take students on an enriched and challenging journey of self-discovery into themes of creativity, activity and service, complementing and extending the IB program beyond the classroom

Scholar Athlete Academies

The UNISUS Scholar-Athlete program combines a world-class International Baccalaureate education with a holistic, focused approach to sports. The program is designed for students who aspire to reach high-performance or advanced levels in their athletic pursuits and successful academic achievements.

Welcome to UNISUS IB World School

About Us

Nestled within the captivating Okanagan Valley in Canada, UNISUS IB World School delivers a personalized education experience that enables each student to power their unique potential, and prepares them for tomorrow’s rapidly changing world.UNISUS is dedicated to nurturing global leaders and critical thinkers through the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, fostering not only academic prowess but also international-mindedness, creativity, and a profound curiosity for learning.

Our distinct pillars of outdoor education, technology and innovation, and entrepreneurship are seamlessly interwoven into the IB framework, enriching the educational experience and empowering students with practical skills and a forward-thinking mindset.

One of the few IB schools in British Columbia to also offer a boarding program, our close-knit international school community enables students to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, embracing independence, cultural diversity, and personal growth.

Within our nurturing environment, students evolve into compassionate, empowered individuals, equipped to leave an enduring impact as they build their futures.

Unlocking Potential: The UNISUS Difference

Discover what makes UNISUS truly outstanding. From its exceptional boarding program to its vibrant community, every aspect is designed for excellence.  Explore the remarkable features that set us apart while nurturing a comprehensive growth journey. At UNISUS, distinction is woven into every facet of the experience.


Grad Quote 3

The career planning stage at UNISUS is incredible in guiding me in the pathways which is right for me, not only in terms of which career, but where to pursue my medical career and program, and what that means for my career. When I chose neuro-medicine, I then had to decide my pathway. I've decided to study in Mexico, where I can go straight into medicine vs 4 yr pre-med in Canada. I was also looking at Australia. With medicine I need to work where I study.

-UNISUS Graduate, 2023

Grad Quote 2

Most important to me about UNISUS was the friends I made from around the world. They are like family to me, lifetime friends that are real, whatever is happening, wherever you are. Learning about the different cultures from around the world is amazing, and how to talk to people from different cultures, and what's important to them, really opened my perspective.

- UNISUS Graduate, 2023

Grad Quote

I learnt self motivation and self leadership; to take care of myself, to be self motivated, independent, confident and resilient to face anything that lies ahead.

- UNISUS Graduate, 2023

Fiamma Quote

The IB-DP program is really helping me learn about myself, and learn what I love doing and what I want to pursue. It's preparing me for my future. It's a difficult programme, but once you learn to balance your time and yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, it's an incredible programme. It teaches me how to learn, and how to think; it's not about learning facts.

- Fiamma, UNISUS Graduate 2023

Pauline Quote

I've become the person that I am with the help of Unisus. The program enabled me to become a confident self-lead learner, and opened me to new global perspectives.

- Paulina, UNISUS Graduate 2023

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